Elkay ELU211510 Review

Elkay is an American owned and operated company engaged in the innovative manufacture of superior quality stainless steel sinks. The Elkay ELU211510 is a world class sink that assures an unprecedented level of style and functionality. This model is simple yet sophisticated and features straight lines and rounded profiles. No wonder this is touted as a perfectly designed sink to make your daily routine easier,

Main features and benefits.

Main features

  1. The Elkay ELU211510 is an undermount single bowl stainless steel sink with 10” depth.
  2. It incorporates a high quality type 304 stainless steel construction.
  3. It features coved corners and the exposed surfaces are hand blended to ensure a lustrous and seamless finish.
  4. The underside of the sink incorporates a heavy duty sound proof coating.
  5. The Elkay ELU211510 is CSA and IAPMO compliant.
  6. This sink features a thickness of 18 gauge.
  7. It is equipped with a drain opening size of 3-1/2 “.


  1. This is a high quality sink seamlessly formed from 18 gauge nickel bearing stainless steel, a timeless perennial favorite to ensure excellent longevity and durability.
  2. It eliminates gap around the drain and hence drains out easily to ensure a perfectly clean sink.
  3. The type 304 heavy duty stainless steel promises a sturdy, robust and durable construction to last for years.
  4. This undermount sink is perfectly designed to easily fit into the underside of any kitchen counter space. Yes, it snugly fits into your kitchen counter space.
  5. The 10” bowl depth facilitates easy washing, rinsing and cleaning chores. It simplifies all your routine tasks handled at the sink. Cups don’t tip off and you don’t get water splashed on you when washing dishes.
  6. The underside of this sink is protected by a sound proof coating to considerably reduce noise and condensation.
  7. The 3-1/2” drain opening size ensures a perfect drain.
  8. This sink is precision engineered with meticulous attention to style, form and function.
  9. The slim and sleek finish eliminates build-up of grime and dirt.
  10. The exposed surfaces are hand-crafted to assure an aesthetically pleasing look and smooth satin-like finish.
  11. This is a perfect time saving comfort inspired companion that all kitchens should have.
  12. Above all it guarantees exceptional value for your money.

Customer reviews

Bill from San Francisco says Elkay ELU211510 is an incredibly amazing product that perfectly fits into a small kitchen space. Another satisfied customer is of the opinion that the depth of the product is great to facilitate easy washing of dishes. Yet another happy customer feels that the sound guard eliminates unpleasant and loud sound created by other sinks. Another contented customer acclaims that the depth works great for all sized pots and pans. Another highly pleased customer says that the sleek design perfectly complements her kitchen interiors.

Where to buy

This product is readily available at amazon, About the prices of the single bowl kitchen sink you do not have to worry about going bankrupt because you bought a sink to upgrade your kitchen. Buying online is perhaps the best option you can take. When you shop from online stores like Amazon you will be saving yourself some really good money. you can check update price of Elkay ELU211510 at amazon.