Ruvati RVH7400 Review

It is the aim of  Ruvati to provide customers with quality that they can trust and functionality they will simply love. This is emphasized by their Ruvati RVH7400 sinks that are matched by none in the competitive home improvement industry. Everything under the Ruvati name is made of heavy duty stainless steel to give you that longevity you crave so much.

Main features and benefits

The Gravena sink has caught the attention of professionals and beginners alike for the following reasons;

The interior of the sink is characterized by a luxurious satin finish and curved corners which make it very easy to clean.

You will be excited to find out that your sink is made of heavy duty steel which guarantees durability. The manufacturer provides lifetime warranty so that the client doesn’t worry much about damage. This sink is manufactured by true experts who so professionally thought to place the drain at the rear to prevent dishes from blocking water flow.

If you always get peeved by water droplets that refuse to dry inside your ordinary sink, it is time to get the Ruvati RVH7400 Gravena sink. This is because of the drain grooves in the basin which direct water toward the drain. It is indeed a very useful feature because it definitely keeps your sink clean and dry.

Another loveable thing about the Ruvati RVH7400 is that it can hold many more dishes compared to normal kitchen sinks. At a bowl depth of 10 inches, the cleaning job will definitely be more efficient. The package comes with mounting brackets, basket strainer and a rinse grid to make your work easier.

Housework will be a chore to look forward to with this sink as it makes work much easier. You don’t need to worry about rust thanks to the premium stainless steel material. This is the ultimate sink for your home kitchen and professional setting as well; and the best part is that the decor of your kitchen will not be compromised but rather complemented by the exquisite stainless steel exterior.

Customer reviews

Customers have nothing but praise for this sink thanks to its incredible features which will be better for anyone to explore. Many love the price while others choose it for elegance and optimal functionality. Save your money and energy buy purchasing an authentic kitchen sink from those who have been in to market long enough to know your real needs – easy to dry, ease of cleaning and ability to hold more. This sink known by some as Gravena, is an exceptional way to spruce up your kitchen.

Where to buy

Anyone who wishes to transform the image of their house in a modern way should resort to the Ruvati RVH7400. These sinks function both as attractive placements and functional tools. If you are wondering about the ideal place to buy this sink, try Amazon for update price. This compared to the market price allows you to save lots of cash. The sink comes highly recommended for cleaning big pots as it is tall enough for them to fit in snugly.

Ruvati RVH8000 Review

The Ruvati RVH8000 is an over-mount sink made out of premium stainless steel. It has a soft satin finish which makes it really easy to clean and it would definitely be an attractive feature in any kitchen. It has fantastic reviews online, the overall consensus being that it is one of the best sinks around,

Main Features and Benefits.

1. Attractive

The stainless steel finish on the sink makes it shiny and attractive. It is quite simple in its design but the sharp inside corners to this single, over-mount sink give it a modern vibe so it would look perfect in even the newest of homes. It is quite wide so you can get all your dishes washed in one go and will not need to continuously refill the sink. The item comes all with the necessary extras like the cut out template, a rinse grid and a basket strainer.

2. Easy to install

It’s measurements are quite typical of a kitchen sink (exterior – 33″ x 21″, interior – 31″ x 17″ and a bowl depth of 10″) although it is quite a large size, it is not complicated in its dimensions. This fact combined with the fact that it is over-mounted makes it really easy to install. There is even a hole all ready drilled ready for the faucet! This is obviously a benefit, we live in a fast paced world and nobody wants to spend a whole day installing a sink.

3. Easy cleaning & durability

The sink is designed in a way that makes it super easy to clean and super hard to scratch. It is long lasting and durable, so you can guarantee that if you choose to get this sink, it will last for as long as you require it. It has heavy duty sound guard padding which means that you can get your dishes done with minimum fuss and hardly any noise at all. If you use your kitchen a lot but are still very house proud then I would say that the Ruvati RVH8000 is the perfect sink for you.

Customer Reviews

From looking online, I could not find a single bad review about the Ruvati RVH8000 but was forever stumbling upon happy customers. The depth of the sink was mentioned repeatedly, it is significantly larger than similar items which is obviously an advantage. One customer says that the sink is so strong that it is used to bathe the dog! That is definitely innovate and it shows just how durable the item is. Appearance is obviously an important factor also and many happy customers praised just how attractive it is and how modern it looks in their kitchens.

Where to Buy

This product is readily available at amazon, About the prices of the single bowl kitchen sink you do not have to worry about going bankrupt because you bought a sink to upgrade your kitchen. Buying online is perhaps the best option you can take. When you shop from online stores like Amazon you will be saving yourself some really good money. you can check update price of Ruvati RVH8000 at amazon.