FrankeUSA SL103BX Review

The FrankeUSA SL103BX is a single bowl top mount sink designed for laundry use. Its dimensions are 20.6 inches x 20 inches x 10 inches, making it the appropriate sink for laundry rooms. It has a deep bowl making it the convenient sink for all your laundry applications.

The FrankeUSA SL103BX single bowl is a high quality sink manufactured through FrankeUSA’s patented no-welding technique. It is very easy to install too. This is only a top mount sink and therefore does not include a faucet and drain.

Main Features and Benefits.

1. Big Sink ideal for laundry

This is a big Sink ideal for laundry. The Single bowl has dimensions of 20.6 inch by 20 inch by 10 inches; it has a deeper bowl compared to other sinks of the same length and width. Due to its dimensions, it easily fits into a 24-inch cabinet, a compatible product if you need to upgrade from an old sink without having to replace your old cabinet.

2. Special type of padding design

The FrankeUSA SL103BX also has a special type of padding designed to provide sound deadening insulation. This provides to a great extent excellent noise and vibration reduction. [Read more…]