Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Reviews and Buying Guide

A single bowl kitchen sink maybe exactly what your kitchen needs. It’s quite simple really, some people prefer a double bowl kitchen sink which accords them a secondary sink that is slightly smaller than the primary sink. This is somewhat superfluous if you asked most ‘thrifty’ designers. A single bowl sink is where you have one central sink that comes in a variety of configurations: drop-in, apron-front and Undermount. This single sink serves every purpose without taking up too much space. Here are a few advantages of having a single sink bowl as opposed to double.

Advantages of a Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

1. Conserves space

Having a single bowl kitchen sink is very economical when it comes to space. It leaves enough space for you to incorporate lovely countertops that will come in handy when it comes to work space around the kitchen. This is particularly useful for small kitchens that would be easily overwhelmed by double sinks that require more space.

2. Easy to clean

Suffice it to say, a single sink is much easier to clean that a double sink.

3. Allows for multitasking

By their very nature, single bowl sinks allow for more to be done around the kitchen, especially tasks that would require a quick wash and maybe some chopping and wash. Because they are spacially economical, you can multitask around your kitchen with these types of sinks.

4. Makes it easier to wash large items

They are considerably bigger as compared to their double sink counterparts which allows for the washing of larger kitchen utensils without much fuss.

5. They give your kitchen a good, minimalist look

Their space conservation properties allow them to give your kitchen that simple, minimalist look that is free of clutter.

6. Cheaper to install and maintain

Their singularity means that you only have to deal with a single drain, this makes their maintenance and installation costs much cheaper than their double counterparts.

7. Simpler remodelling requirements

At some point, you are going to need to remodel your kitchen. Having a single bowl kitchen sink makes it much easier, faster and cheaper to do so when it comes to sink remodelling and replacement.

7 Things You Need to Know Before Install a Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Before installing one, there are a few things that you need to know about this type of sink.

1. Style

Single bowl sinks are available in compact sizes, which can help you skimp on kitchen space. The bowl is naturally bigger than the basins of a double bowl sink. Even if the room is small, a single sink would perfectly complement its scale.

2. Convenience

It is actually more ideal to clean large dishes, such as oven trays or pots on a larger single bowl sink. It is also faster to do so because it has fewer edges and corners compared to a double basin sink. You can easily use a large turkey pan or place a cookie sheet on the sink for cleaning or soaking. If you want to transform your single bowl sink, you can easily do so by putting a dishpan as a divider.

While multitasking would be difficult, it does work for those who just use their sink to rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

3. Cost

Single bowl kitchen sinks are actually cheaper than double bowl sinks. However, the cost will also be affected by the specific type of single sinks that you choose. For instance, pedestal sinks are more expensive than drop-in ones.

4. Rustic Look

If you are in pursuit of a simple look for your kitchen that can allow you to relax while cooking, going rustic would be possible with a single bowl kitchen sink. It does look like a simple, no-nonsense setup when you only have one bowl for your sink.

5. Cooking and Baking Activities

One of the biggest factors that contribute to homeowners choosing the type of sink to install is the amount of cooking that they want to do. If you just want to cook for the family instead of preparing lavish dinners and you usually cook with large dishes, it might be best to just go with a single bowl sink. What’s important is that you are comfortable and happy in your own kitchen.

6. Type of Installation

You can choose to install a top mount or undermount single bowl sink. The top mount or drop-in installation is easy and inexpensive, making it perfect for DIYers or people working on a tight budget. However, the open area between the counter and the lip of the sink usually accumulates dirt and scum.

On the other hand, the undermount installation sees the edge of the kitchen counter dropping right into the sink basin, eliminating any crevice or groove where dirt can accumulate. Although it looks sleek and is easy to clean, it is quite expensive and difficult to work with, especially if you choose a heavier sink.

7. Overcoming Drawbacks

You cannot work on different tasks all at once when you have a single bowl kitchen sink, but you can simply find a way around these drawbacks. For one, you can put a dish drainer on one side of your single sink to make it more versatile.

7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Here are several things that you need to know before buying this item.

1. Buy from reputable store

When you are planning to buy the best a high quality kitchen sink, you may want to buy from reputable store. There are some reliable stores selling the best kitchen sinks for all clients. You can take a look at some products offered by these stores. Most reputable stores usually sell good products for all customers. You can read some reviews from other users. You should be able to find the best store to buy your kitchen sink after reading these reviews.

2. Look at the material

It is important to know that there are some common materials for creating kitchen sink. You should choose the best sink that is made from durable materials, for example stainless steel, copper, cast iron, fireclay, granite, and enameled steel. They are some recommended materials that are suitable for your kitchen sink. They can last for long period of time. They also have low maintenance fee, so you do not have to spend your money for maintaining your kitchen sink.

3. Find the proper size

This is another important thing that you need to know when purchasing your single bowl kitchen sink. Do not forget to measure your kitchen. You should find the best kitchen sink with proper size. By choosing the right size for your kitchen sink, you are able to install this furniture inside your kitchen easily. Some interior designers believe that your sink should have similar size as your kitchen countertop table.

4. Look at some features

There are some important features that you can find from your kitchen sink. You should take a look at these features before buying the best one for yourself. Rear drain is the most popular feature that you can find in some sinks. This item is very useful to give you proper storage space for placing some dishes easily. Deep bowl is an important thing that can help you clean your dishes easily and quickly.

5. Compare their prices

Different kitchen sinks may be sold at different price. You have to take a look at these kitchen sinks before you decide to buy the best one for yourself. Price can be very important for all homeowners who do not want to spend a lot of money in decorating their kitchen.

6. Learn how to clean this kitchen sink

Before you buy your favorite sink, you should learn how to clean this furniture. It is not a difficult task to clean this kitchen sink. You need to choose the best item that is made from high quality materials. A good sink can be cleaned easily without having any problems. Different materials may require different cleaning procedures. Therefore, you should discuss with the sellers about this cleaning procedure.

7. Install this item properly

This is the last important step that you have to do before you buy the best single bowl kitchen sink. You have to follow the proper instructions to install this item correctly. If you do not have any experience in installing this item in your kitchen, you can hire a professional technician. This technician is able to help you install this sink in your kitchen. Do not forget to call a high quality plumber to setup the plumbing system in your own kitchen.