Best Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks Reviews and Buying Guide

Before you purchase a good quality sink for your home, it may be worth checking out the best single bowl kitchen sinks reviews. This is one way for you to find the finest product you need, which can also give you the best value for your money. After all, the last thing you want to happen is to regret the item you have bought because it is not worth the price you pay for.

How to choose the best single bowl kitchen sinks

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Single Bowl Sink, What’s good about a single bowl sink for the kitchen is the reasonable size. If you have a smaller kitchen, it is not practical to go for a double bowl sink for the obvious reason that it takes up more space. Moreover, if you are on a budget, you should consider a cheaper, yet functional sink, and this is what you can expect from single bowl sinks.

best single bowl kitchen sinks reviews

As you read along the best single bowl kitchen sinks reviews, you will realize that tis item is exactly what you need – space-saving, economical, and stylish, at the same time. There are even different configurations for the central sink, which may be undermount, apron-front or drop-in.

So, take a look at these things to keep in mind before purchasing a single bowl kitchen sinks:

1. Style

For the most parts, single bowl sinks for the kitchen are compact. These do not occupy much space, so there should be no problem trying to fit the sink in the smaller area you have in the kitchen. To make it even better, you will find the bowl is somewhat bigger and more spacious than what a double bowl sink offers. Hence, if you have limited area in your kitchen, you will realize that buying a single sink is the ideal option for your situation.

2. Installation Type

There are different ways of installing a single bowl sink. For instance, there is a drop-in type of installation, and it is also known as “top-mount”. This is more preferred by people who want a quick and easy way to install the bowl, aside from the fact that it is much cheaper since there is no need to hire a professional. DIY enthusiasts can easily install a sink when all it requires in a top-mount technique. The only drawback, though, is an open area is created between the edges of the sink and the counter. This leads to dirt buildup over time.

If you want a cleaner and more refined look for your sink once it is installed, then undermount installation works best. This prevents any spaces that can serve as a spot for dirt or scum to accumulate. However, you may need to hire an expert to do this for you, particularly when your sink is quite heavy and bulky.

3. Material

You can choose from a number of materials used on the sink. The best single bowl kitchen sinks reviews feature a wide selection of materials and construction for the sink, which will suit your specific needs. There are sinks made from stainless and enameled steel, fireclay, cast iron, granite and copper, and these are generally more durable than other options. You can expect a sink made from these materials to last for several years, which makes them worth your invstment. To make it even better, there is minimal maintenance required for these sinks. Hence, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to untimely repairs or replacement of your sink made from any of these durable materials.

4. Features

Single bowl kitchen sinks are available in different features, and it is only a matter of determining the ones you need for your home. In case you want better space for storing some dishes, you may opt for a rear drain. However, deep bowl sinks are your best bet for greater convenience in cleaning your dishes.

5. Ease of Maintenance

Cleanup should be a breeze with your kitchen sink, particularly when you have a hectic schedule at work. Poorly cleaned sinks tend to accumulate dirt, which can lead to premature damages or unsightly appearance in the long run. You should check out sinks that are easy to clean, as well as those that do not require intricate cleaning tools for maintenance.

6. Purpose

Are you fond of cooking big meals or lavish recipes for a large family? If so, then a single bowl sink may not suffice since it is much smaller than a double. For a smaller family, or if you live alone, you can do away with a single bowl kitchen sink without any trouble at all. The most important thing is you understand the amount of cooking you do in a day, which should require the right size of sink to buy.

7. Size

Before you head off to the store to buy a sink, make it a point to measure the size of your kitchen first. The right sink to buy must suit the size and space you have in the kitchen. By doing so, you will not have a difficult time installing the sink, and the kitchen will not appear cramped. Ideally, a sink that is near the size of your countertop in the kitchen is suitable to buy.

8. Source

No matter what item you purchase, it is always a smart choice to consider the source of the product. Check the reputation of the seller, and it should receive positive feedbacks from its customers. With a reliable and credible store to buy your sink, you can be certain of the quality of product you can purchase.

9. Price

Since single bowl sinks are smaller and more compact, these are basically cheaper than a double bowl kitchen sink. Yet, you have to understand the fact that the price tag still depends on the material, brand and type of installation for the sink you are looking to purchase. Just be sure never to settle for cheap and low quality sinks that are bound to need repair or replacement within a short period.

10. Warranty

Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Consider longer years for the warranty, so you will not encounter any hassles in case there are factory defect concerns on the product. Compare different sinks and warranties included to help you make a better purchasing decision.

11. Customer Reviews

Lastly, read customer reviews before you buy a kitchen sink. There will always be positive and negative reviews, but just be sure to weigh the pros and cons. By doing so, you can come up with the right decision before you purchase an item.


These are just some tips you may want to keep in mind when you shop for a kitchen sink. Make it a point to read the best single bowl kitchen sinks reviews, so you can have several options to consider before you finalize your decision. These will surely help you get the best value for your dollar and expect satisfaction from the item you buy.