Ruvati RVH7400 Review

It is the aim of  Ruvati to provide customers with quality that they can trust and functionality they will simply love. This is emphasized by their Ruvati RVH7400 sinks that are matched by none in the competitive home improvement industry. Everything under the Ruvati name is made of heavy duty stainless steel to give you that longevity you crave so much.

Main features and benefits

The Gravena sink has caught the attention of professionals and beginners alike for the following reasons;

Ruvati RVH7400The interior of the sink is characterized by a luxurious satin finish and curved corners which make it very easy to clean.

You will be excited to find out that your sink is made of heavy duty steel which guarantees durability. The manufacturer provides lifetime warranty so that the client doesn’t worry much about damage. This sink is manufactured by true experts who so professionally thought to place the drain at the rear to prevent dishes from blocking water flow.

If you always get peeved by water droplets that refuse to dry inside your ordinary sink, it is time to get the Ruvati RVH7400 Gravena sink. This is because of the drain grooves in the basin which direct water toward the drain. It is indeed a very useful feature because it definitely keeps your sink clean and dry.

Another loveable thing about the Ruvati RVH7400 is that it can hold many more dishes compared to normal kitchen sinks. At a bowl depth of 10 inches, the cleaning job will definitely be more efficient. The package comes with mounting brackets, basket strainer and a rinse grid to make your work easier.

Housework will be a chore to look forward to with this sink as it makes work much easier. You don’t need to worry about rust thanks to the premium stainless steel material. This is the ultimate sink for your home kitchen and professional setting as well; and the best part is that the decor of your kitchen will not be compromised but rather complemented by the exquisite stainless steel exterior.

Customer reviews

Customers have nothing but praise for this sink thanks to its incredible features which will be better for anyone to explore. Many love the price while others choose it for elegance and optimal functionality. Save your money and energy buy purchasing an authentic kitchen sink from those who have been in to market long enough to know your real needs — easy to dry, ease of cleaning and ability to hold more. This sink known by some as Gravena, is an exceptional way to spruce up your kitchen.

Where to buy

Anyone who wishes to transform the image of their house in a modern way should resort to the Ruvati RVH7400. These sinks function both as attractive placements and functional tools. If you are wondering about the ideal place to buy this sink, try Amazon for the list price of 336 USD. This compared to the market price allows you to save lots of cash. The sink comes highly recommended for cleaning big pots as it is tall enough for them to fit in snugly.

Water Creation SS-U-3319A Review

The Water Creation SS-U-3319A is by all means the ultimate cooks sink that’s made from highly durable stainless steel and is easy to clean, nonporous and is also resistant to bacteria. Whichever way you look at it, this rectangular sink is bound to add lots of sophistication and class to your kitchen.

Benefits and Features

Water Creation SS-U-3319AThis is a single bowl kitchen sink that is installed using the undermount method. It is made from Premium grade T-304 stainless steel; ensuring that the sink will not stain or tarnish over time and it also does not suffer any discoloration from hot pants; a problem that’s quite common with other brands of the same category. It also comes with a standard three and a half inch (3.5 inches) drain opening which easily fits into the most common garbage disposal systems around the world. The product also comes packed with a heavy duty sound deadening padding to its underside; this has resulted in very significant reduction of sound echoing which is quite common in other brands that don’t have this well thought and highly sought facility. [Read more…]

BLANCO 441078 Review

Are you checking out items for home improvement? If you’re facing the regular problem of a messy laundry sink which is stacked with dirty laundry then obtain BLANCO 441078 that transforms your cleaning room into a piece of art! Composed of 18 gauge Stainless Steel, this laundry sink is a must have’ because of its durable framework. This amazing laundry sink is adaptable in any kind of atmosphere with a rich and robust design that will look fabulous at your place!

Major Features

1. The BLANCO 441078 Essential Laundry Sink consists of extra deep bowl with a depth of 12 inches. The space offered by the bowl is ideally used for cleaning, scrubbing and soaking washing delicates.

BLANCO 4410782. The exterior dimensions of the sink measure 25 inches by 22 inches that has been covered with a brushed Satin finish. The practical application of the laundry sink will be a wonderful experience especially since it has been accredited with regulators for enhanced security.

3. The model is a one hold drop in sink which functions consistently with BLANCO TORINO faucets and fittings. 304 series Stainless Steel has been utilized for the composition of the sink giving it heavy duty durability.

4. 18/10 Chrome-Nickel substance is a complimentary feature of the BLANCO 441078. Presence of sound sedating pads has also been included so as to ensure comfortable cleaning experience. [Read more…]

Vigo VG3019B Review

If you wish to have a functional kitchen then investing in a good sink is a must. The Vigo VG3019B is sixteen gauge stainless steel kitchen bowl sink is a great example of an unpretentious and useful kitchen sink bowl. It is everything that you’d need in a kitchen sink and more!

Main Features and Benefits

Vigo is a popular luxury brand that offers high quality kitchen and bath products. Not only does Vigo produce great products loaded with useful features, but it also ensures that they are on top of the game as far as style is concerned. The stainless steel construction of the Vigo VG3019B sink ensures that there would be no corrosion or staining irrespective of the frequency of use of the sink. This 16 gauge premium kitchen sink from the 304 Series also features commercial grade satin finish which is resistant to scratches, therefore its sleek and elegant appearance is hard to tarnish! The sink comes with drain grooves that make draining of food items like boiled pasta a breeze.

Vigo VG3019BThe sink is completely undercoated and padded using a multi-layer sound eliminating technology which also aids in the prevention of condensation. The angular zero-radius corners of the sink do not just render a stylish appearance to it but also increases its functionality. If you have been seeking a no-rim stainless steel sink then the Vigo VG3019B is definitely going to be the right choice. The product measures 30 by 19 by 10 inches as far as its dimensions are concerned. With a total weight of 37 pounds only, this one is definitely a steal as it has all the features of a perfect kitchen sink, including a great budget too!

Just like any other product, this one too has been designed by VIGO Board of expert designers therefore it scores high on style and functionality as usual. This sink is everything that a sink should be: sturdy, beautiful looking as well as corrosion and stain resistant! In fact, it is not just your average stainless steel kitchen sink because it offers a lot more and it manages to deliver its promises in the most perfect mannertoo! [Read more…]

Kraus KHU100-30 Review

The Kraus KHU100-30 undermount is the best choice of a kitchen sink to install, if you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen. It has some of the best features you can ever hope for in a kitchen sink. If installed well, you may not even recognize your own kitchen because it will be elegantly irresistible.

The Main Features and Benefits

Kraus KHU100-301. This undermount kitchen sink is made from 16-gauge premium grade T-304 stainless steel with a 10/18 nickel/chromium composition. This ensures uniqueness and versatility.
2.  It also presents scratch-resistant commercial grade satin texture making that your sink remains smooth and as clean as new for longer.
3. It features Stone Guard and Padded undercoated insulation on top of a rubber pad. This reduces noise emanating from the sink during use.
4. The Kraus stainless steel sink presents a unique Kraus quarter-inch radius curved corners. Not only does this design make the sink stylish, it also makes it easier and faster to clean. [Read more…]